Unplugged in Buildings



via Constructech – “Have you considered how much energy a building is consuming simply due to the number of devices that are plugged in on an ongoing basis? That number can be very high for some buildings and can be reduced with a plug-load management system to help monitor, control, and manage plug-load devices.

DPR Construction, www.dpr.com, Redwood City, Calif., for example, recently announced its San Francisco office will serve as a ‘living lab’ to test the newest and most intelligent energy-efficient products on the market for others to see firsthand.

One of the technologies it is currently using in its living lab is an intelligent plug-load management system from Enmetric, www.enmetric.com, Belmont, Calif., which provides M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for commercial environments.

The company’s plug-load management application is built on a cloud-based data analytics platform, which can save companies up to 20% in energy costs. More specifically, the system provides data related to energy use, automated control, measurement, and communication for individual electrical plug loads throughout the enterprise.

The result is saved energy for building owners. Enmetric is specifically targeting several key verticals with its products including IT, healthcare, construction development, building management, and government.

For building owners and operators, such technology might be something to consider in the future, as it offers an easy way to gain insight into energy use and consumption related to the plug load. While this is just one example, there are a number of technology tools owners can use to better manage energy use on an ongoing basis.”