Truss Launches Retail Space Platform

Small Businesses Can Now Search for Retail Spaces Using Our Artificial Intelligence Technology


Big news today!  We’re thrilled to offer our platform to a brand new sector of small business owners: Retailers. Small business owners can now find, tour and lease retail space through our platform, which includes 3D virtual tours. We are the first company to offer price transparency to retailers who are looking for their next space: ranging from boutique stores to restaurants and coffee shops. There’s several reasons our technology here at Truss benefits the retail owner.  To name a few:


Location, Location, Location – 

We know and understand that location is everything for retail owners, especially small business owners like boutique storefronts or coffee shops that rely on the daily foot traffic to keep their businesses thriving.  Our platform has photos and 3D tours to allow you to see and virtually walk around the different property options.


Time is Money –

And we couldn’t agree more.  Our AI-enabled platform allows you to compare different retail space options all in one place. All you have to do is review and tour it from your own laptop or device, without even having to hop from website to website or call several brokers.


Know What You’re Paying For –  

We are the first and only company to offer price transparency when you start looking for a retail space.  That means you can see as many details upfront on the price, such as the rent, real estate taxes and operating expenses so you know exactly what you’re committing to. We even know which utilities are included in the rent!


Help is Here –

As a retailer, you don’t need to feel alone in the process.  Our super-smart robot Vera also helps to find the right space for your retail business, just like she helps with finding the right office space for small business owners.  She’s quite talented and you should meet her.

Modernizing the industry makes it a smoother process for everyone involved. By utilizing our artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the platform reviews and compares options for a tenant, including the square footage and amenities offered.Our co-founder Bobby Goodman said today, “We’re proud to announce another industry-first as we modernize the commercial real estate industry and offer price transparency for retailers,” said Bobby Goodman, co-founder of Truss and longtime veteran of the industry.  “Now, they can review different retail space options in one platform and it’s as easy as searching online for a vacation or new shoes.”Our retail platform is now launched in Chicago with 7+ million square feet of available retail space throughout downtown Chicago. Houston & Washington DC will be launching in the coming weeks.Check out a sneak peek of the virtual technology at a retail space available to rent in Chicago on our platform.