Powered by big data, advanced technology, and extensive expertise, Bowery is redefining the commercial appraisal space.


Katerra is bringing fresh minds and tools to the world of architecture and construction. Katerra is applying systems approaches to remove unnecessary time and costs from building development, design, and construction.


Truss simplifies the process of finding and leasing office space. Its web and mobile platform enables businesses to go from search to lease with ease.


Honest Buildings is the collaborative, data-driven technology that empowers smart decision making, ensuring capital and construction projects are on time and on budget.


Aquicore is a full-service solution enabling real estate owners to automate processes, improve energy efficiency, and decrease energy spend in a new form of dynamic building management.


Sweeten is a fast growing, award-winning tech company that connects homeowners with renovation projects to the best local professionals in design and construction.


Gridium ties together your energy use, energy demand, tariff information, local weather data, and site information such as the square footage and occupancy of your buildings to provide a complete picture of your operations.


PlanGrid combines the power of the cloud with the mobility of the iPad to provide a service that finally allows you view and communicate with all your project information right from the field. PlanGrid allows you to easily distribute, version and view all your drawings, specs, submittals, and progress photos.


Matterport has developed a revolutionary solution to capture cloud-based 3D models of real spaces to experience, change, and share.


View (formerly Soladigm, Inc.) manufactures View Dynamic Glass, an intelligent glass system for buildings. View Dynamic Glass incorporates user preferences and intelligently adjusts the condition of the glass, allowing unparalleled control over the amount of light and heat that enters a building.


Comfy is changing the way people interact with their workplaces. With deep roots in advanced computing and thoughtful user experience, our Oakland-based team of nerds dreams up unconventional software solutions for everyone, from the people who operate the building to the people who fill it.


Software to track, manage, and procure HVAC systems for large property owners.


Mobile software platform for property managers to inspect, track and manage real estate assets.


Location analytics software that enables businesses and real estate owners to optimize site selection.


Enterprise level mobile development platform allowing organizations to build and deploy Internet of Industrial Things [IoIT] integrated mobile apps.


Powermat is a pioneer and leader in providing wire-free power solutions to electronic devices. Powermat technology facilitates green (flexible and efficient) electricity transmission within the interior “envelope” of a building, including walls, floors, and ceilings.


Lunera Lighting designs and manufactures energy-efficient and expertly engineered solid-state lighting fixtures provide beautiful, white-light LED solutions for office, healthcare, retail and smart-home lighting applications. Lunera helps businesses and people lower their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their quality of life.