PlanGrid for Windows has arrived.

PlanGrid for Windows has arrived.

We’re thrilled to announce the general release of PlanGrid for Windows: the best way to experience PlanGrid on your favorite Windows devices, and keep your entire team on the same page.

“The Microsoft Surface seems to be gaining traction in the industry and having PlanGrid on all of the major platforms will be a big step forward to adoption across the industry.”
– Bob Kramer, CR2 Engineering

5 reasons to download PlanGrid for Windows:

1. Fast, smooth sheet viewing: Effortlessly navigate your sheets; zoom in and out with ease.

2. Multiple windows for side-by-side comparison: Compare sheets without jumping back and forth between screens.

3. Offline mode: Take your project anywhere, even when there’s no internet. PlanGrid will update when you’re back online.

4. Snap-to annotations: Make detailed markups and take accurate measurements—everything automatically snaps to the nearest 45 degree angle.

5. Estimates, and measurements: Take multiple measurements and report totals back to your team faster than ever.