PlanGrid 3.4 brings a slew of new features

Introducing Annotation Layers + Badass Axe Winners!

PlanGrid 3.4 brings a slew of new features that makes it easy to manage and organize all your markups.

Introducing Annotation Layers

Annotation layers is a powerful tool that allows for flexible management and organization of your annotations. Tag your job walk notes to a layer, then hide that layer when you no longer need it. Get the full lowdown on how to use layers here.

Freeform Linear Measurement

Our new freeform lineal measurement tool allows you to measure any line, straight or not.

Customizable Backgrounds

Tired of standard grey? Give camo, diamond plate, or safety orange a try.


Axe Contest Winners!

After receiving more than 500 entries, the results from our Badass American Axe Contest are in: Congratulations to David King from Fort Morgan, Colorado! Check out David’s entry plus our 5 runners up here.

“After 28 plus years, I can honestly say it’s the best tool I have ever been given.”

Security Update

You may have heard about the “heartbleed” security vulnerability that impacted much of the internet last week including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and many others, including PlanGrid.  All of PlanGrid’s services and websites were patched immediately after public disclosure of the vulnerability. That said, with such a widespread vulnerability, it is still a good idea to reset your password here.

You keep on building, and we’ll keep the updates coming.

Team PlanGrid
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