Enmetric Systems Enters into Strategic Partnership with Integrated Building Solutions to Supply “Best In Class” Plugload Solution

BELMONT, Calif., Nov. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Enmetric Systems, Inc., a leading enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) company, announced today that that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Integrated Building Solutions, Inc. (IBS). IBS and Enmetric will collaborate on customer integrations of ENMETRIC’s plug load management system with IBS’s enterprise energy management system, the Intelligent Building Information System (IBIS), offered into commercial, industrial, data center, retail, government, and education markets.  The agreement will also allow IBS to sell Enmetric’s plug load solution to hundreds of facilities managers and building energy efficiency professionals worldwide.   Enmetric Systems’ platform enables large enterprise customers to monitor, control and manage individual plug load devices, including workstation electronics (printers, computers, monitors, task lamps, phone chargers, etc.), shared enterprise electronics (printers, copiers, etc.), and kitchen devices (vending machines, coffee makers, water coolers, etc.).  According to the Plug-Load Control and Behavioral Change Research Report completed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. General Services Administration in June of 2012, plug loads account for 25% to over 50% of total electricity consumed within office buildings.

“We’re excited to combine Enmetric’s plug load management solutions with IBIS, giving clients the ability to automate plug load reduction in addition to our existing automated occupancy-based energy curtailment solutions and analytics.  The IBIS SmartFloor has already proven to conservatively reduce HVAC demand at the zone level by more than 55%.  With the Enmetric solution, IBIS can add to its Energy Conservation Measure management precision to include occupant workspace level plug load control and analysis,” saidFrancisco Ruiz, Executive Vice President at Integrated Building Solutions.

Enmetric provides innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial environments.  The company’s core application, Enterprise Plug Load Management, is built on a cloud-based data analytics platform and saves customers 10% to 20% in total annual energy costs.

“We are very excited about partnering with Integrated Building Solutions and believe that Enmetric’s IoT solution will provide IBS’s customers with a powerful platform to measure, report, and control plug loads across their buildings and campuses; a capability which has been otherwise unavailable at this level.  IBS has one of the most comprehensive and powerful enterprise energy management platforms available, with world-class customers including eBay/PayPal, Adobe, Oracle, & GSA,” said Walter Shimoon, Vice President at Enmetric Systems.

Enmetric is focused on delivering its enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to customers in several key market verticals, including: Information Technology, Healthcare & Big Pharma, Construction Development, Building Management and the Government-Public sector.


Founded in 1997, IBS is a privately held software company and leading Master Systems Integrator that has revolutionized the Building industry with its world-class Enterprise Energy Management Software IBIS, the Intelligent Building Information System that bridges the building infrastructure management gap between Facilities and IT.  IBIS is vendor/protocol agnostic platform that consolidates disparate globally/locally disbursed technologies and manual inputs into one information source enabling clients to focus on energy measurement, verification, analysis, continuous commissioning, fault detection and performance in a normalized fashion across their real estate portfolio and associated assets.  IBIS delivers real-time data, notifications, and actionable energy information to multiple audiences within an organization all from a web browser with options to support both on premise or SAAS models.  For more information, please visit http://www.ibs-cal.com.


Enmetric Systems is a leading enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform, enabling enterprise customers to monitor, control and manage plug-load devices through data analytics and demand-side energy management. The core technology, which has been issued three U.S. patents, is integrated directly into common electrical interfaces, such as power strips, outlets, circuit breakers, and light switches. In addition, Enmetric’s enterprise management software platform collects granular data to support software applications including reporting, peak-load reduction, load shifting, demand response, space optimization and device audits.  For more information, please visit http://www.enmetric.com.


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