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Demand response company EnerNOC acquired two demand response firms in Europe, expanding its international footprint to include Ireland and Germany.

It acquired Dublin-based Activation Energy, a provider of demand response software and services. EnerNOC also acquired German firm Entelios, a provider of demand response in Europe. Terms were not disclosed.

The Activation acquisition gives EnerNOC an immediate presence in the Irish capacity market, allowing it to deliver its full suite of energy intelligence software applications throughout Europe.

Activation Energy participates in the single electricity market (SEM), a capacity market that spans the island of Ireland. EnerNOC says the relative isolation and limited interconnections of the Irish grid, increased renewable energy generation created opportunities for balancing services.

The Entelios acquisition provides relationships with leading grid operators, utilities, retailers, and commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

According to EnerNOC, Germany is one of Europe’s largest potential markets for demand response and energy intelligence software, with a peak demand for electricity of roughly half the size of the PJM Interconnection in the United States. An increasing amount of intermittent renewable energy resources in its electricity system creates an increased need for resources that can balance power supply and demand.

Entelios has technology that meets the requirements of all four transmission system operators in Germany to deliver demand response resources to help manage these system imbalances. Further, Entelios was the first demand response company to successfully deliver load in Germany’s high-value secondary reserves market, which today has a total size in excess of 4,000 MW.

EnerNOC already has a presence in Japan with a joint venture.