Aquicore Announces their Winter ’17 Product Updates including New Dashboards and Expanded Energy Metrics

Aquicore, a leader in commercial real estate energy technology, today announced updates to the Aquicore Platformand Analytics in their Winter ’17 Release to help real estate owners and operators improve operations, reduce energy consumption, and increase NOI. The Winter ’17 release adds new fully customizable dashboards, a Public Display product and the addition of Steam and BTU monitoring, measurement and analysis to the platform.

The Department of Energy estimates that the average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes. Aquicore helps drive this waste down by empowering commercial real-estate owners and operators with real-time energy consumption information to optimize start-up and shutdown, accurately capture and recover tenant utility costs, and precisely execute M&V projects. Through state-of-the-art real-time IoT connected devices and cloud technology, Aquicore can deploy in just 60 days to quickly identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, improve NOI and increase long-term asset values.

“Streamlining operations and reducing energy consumption across your portfolio is proven to dramatically improve NOI and asset value.” Said Brendon O’Donovan, VP of Marketing at Aquicore. Real estate professionals have traditionally relied on delayed and generic information that hampers efforts to improve building performance, causes tenant billing errors and wastes energy and money. Aquicore’s latest updates deliver faster and more complete building and portfolio energy insights that helps time-starved commercial real estate professionals improve their portfolio operations and value.”

Updates in the Winter 17 release include:

Customizable Dashboards: Custom Dashboards automatically deliver individual, customized views of real-time building or portfolio energy information. Individuals can instantly access complete and personalized charts, tables, and graphs of water, electricity and gas consumption, local weather, greenhouse gas (GHG) equivalency and more.

Public Display: Informing tenants and the public about energy use is one of the best ways to promote conservation. Aquicore Public Displays showcase real-time information about energy use, water consumption, and building information and certifications right in the building lobby to highlight and keep conservation and performance efforts top of mind for tenants and stakeholders.

Expanded Multi-Metric Support: Real-time steam and BTU metering keeps track of building performance better and more completely than ever. With an end-to-end installation, delivery, and measurement, Aquicore makes it easier than ever to completely optimize a building or portfolio operations while completely capturing and billing tenant energy use.